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Stephen Case-Upton

Stephen Case-Upton

London Marathon 2020



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In 2003, I vowed never to run another marathon... 

In a dramatic turn of events, I have decided to run the London Marathon in April 2020!! I might be 17 years older, (a bit ) heavier and less fit these days, but I am definitely up for this challenge!! 

Help me raise some money for 'Global's Make Some Noise', which is the charity of Global (home to several radio stations including Heart, Capital, LBC, Classic FM, Smooth and Gold).

Global’s Make Some Noise provides much needed funding, raises awareness via a national voice and provides training to smaller / local charities. This helps disadvantaged children, young people and their families receive help and support as close to their homes as possible. The charity helps to fund projects, vital equipment and life changing services including therapy, counselling, nursing and support groups.

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